Isometric measurement of muscle strength over a selectable time of 3 – 20 seconds, including determination of average strength and fatigue.

Unlike other measuring methods, our dynamometer measures the force 33 times per second during the selected time period and then integrates it. This means that artefacts such as force peaks do not affect the result.

Thanks to the delayed start of the measurement, and the integration of 33 measurements per second, a repetition accuracy of < 2% can be achieved.

There are three force measurement units to choose from – kg, N und lbf. The measurement data can be transferred to a Windows® PC as a PDF file or as a CSV using a USB interface and personalised.

With the IsoForceControl® EVO2, the force values can be measured objectively and interpreted accordingly.

  • Isometric force measurement from 10 to 400NM
  • Fast analysis of muscle forces of upper and lower extremities
  • Precise measurement replaces subjective feeling
  • Measurement over a selectable time of 3 – 20 seconds
  • 33 measurements per second
  • Determination of average force and fatigue
  • Artefacts such as force peaks do not affect the result
  • Choice of three units for force measurement (kg, N and lbf)
  • Can be used in medicine, research, rehabilitation and sports
  • USB interface for data transfer to Windows PC
  • Very easy and quick software installation under Windows
  • Clear line diagram for precise analysis of forces
  • Output of results as personalised PDF or CSV possible
  • Easy to use / no expensive training necessary
  • Operation with standard AA batteries, 1.5 V
  • Automatic switch-off saves the battery
  • Power supply via USB possible
  • Multilingual (DE, FR, IT, EN)
  • Supplied in practical, durable hard case
  • Sturdy, strong suction cup included in delivery
  • Wall mount available as an option
  • CE approval for trouble-free operation
  • Minimal operating costs

Technical data

We are happy to provide you with all the data you need to know about the IsoForceControl. If you are missing anything, please do not hesitate to contact us!
CPU: Microcontroller STM32F 103
Measuring method: DMS full bridge
Display: TFT 2.4“, 320 x 240 Pixel, 16Bit Color
Power supply: 4 x 1.5 Volt Batteries Mignon (AA/LR6/HR6) or USB-Connection 4.5V - 5.5V / 500mA
Power consumption: 500mW
Dimension: 203.2 x 98.0 x 34.8mm (LxBxH)
Weight: 1kg
Measuring rate: 33 measurements / second
Determination of mean value: arithmetic
Measuring unit: N / kg / lbf
Range: 10 - 400 N / 1-40 kg / 1-90 lb
Resolution: 0.1 N / 0.1kg / 0.1 lbf
Accuracy: ≤ 3% FS
Start threshold measuring cycle: 10 N / 1 kg / 1lbf
Measuring cycle: 3 - 20 seconds
Timeout: 10 - 120 s
Languages: German, English, French, Italian
Test Report: IEC / EN 61326-1

Dynamometer scope of delivery

The very practical hard case contains everything you need for the daily operation of the unit:
  • Dynamometer IsoForceControl EVO2
  • Pulling strap
  • Powerful rocker arm suction cup for perfect grip
  • USB cable
  • 4 batteries AA, 1.5V
  • Sturdy, durable hard case